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Webinars to Help You Find Career Satisfaction

Come join me, Career Satisfaction Coach Lea Stabler, for any or all of these 15- to 20-minute lunchtime webinars focused on helping you find happiness in your job or career.

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I spent numerous years in a successful corporate career – and enjoyed it – until it started to become less and less fulfilling. I hadn’t veered off the career path, it was what I had envisioned, but I was feeling less satisfied as time moved on and didn’t know why. I finally took the step to figure out why I was becoming unhappy and discovered how I could get myself onto my true path to a fulfilling work/life balance.

I now help mid-career professionals, like you, uncover the tangible connection between where your happiness lies and the path that will most help you achieve an elevated level of everyday satisfaction and joy.

I can help you uncover the questions you need to answer, and help you find those answers. Your journey is unique to you and you alone, it is my role to help you uncover your true path.

I hope you’ll join me for one or all of these lunchtime webinars!

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Are You and Your Career Aligned?

This webinar explores the relationship you have with your job. What is it that you love about your job or why are you hating going to work? If you’re thinking it’s time to change jobs, this webinar will help you discover what you need to know to find what you want. You will get a guide for identifying what is important to you in your current job or your next job.

Tips and Traps to Using “I Don’t Know” When Asked What You Like

This webinar considers three different uses of the phrase “I don’t know” and why two of them will leave you stuck. Learn how to find the correct answer to this question to put yourself on the path to sustainable happiness.

What Would It Be Like If You Loved Your Job?

This webinar explains why loving your work makes a difference for you and your employer. I will review why the standard job hunt process ignores you. You will learn the simple steps needed to change your relationship to work and how to have the job you love.

It’s Time for You to Get More Out of Your Job

This webinar flips the dynamic from your company and manager getting more benefits from your efforts than you receive. Learn the adjustments you can make to increase how you are valued by your manager, receive more rewards, and ultimately be able to say you love what you do.

Lea was very professional and easy to talk to. The homework assignments were great to really dig in and think about your life and pathways. Great insight and conversation with Lea. If you are willing to do the work and be open minded this is a great opportunity.
Amanda Diver