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About Lea

I spent numerous years in a successful corporate career – and enjoyed it – until it started to become less and less fulfilling. I hadn’t veered off the career path, it was what I had envisioned, but I was feeling less satisfied as time moved on and didn’t know why. I finally took the step to figure out why I was becoming unhappy and discovered how I could get myself onto my true path to a fulfilling work/life balance.

Now, as a life coach, I help mid-career professionals, like you, uncover the tangible connection between where your happiness lies and the path that will most help you achieve an elevated level of everyday satisfaction and joy.

I incorporate my passions for hiking and art, my extensive sales experience, and 20 years of project management experience to help you tap into your inner compass to discover what you really want to achieve.

How can I help you?

You may be in the right career, yet somehow veered onto the wrong path to the summit. I can help you re-align your focus if that’s the case.

Or if you’re truly in an unsatisfying career, we can work together to help you discover your innermost joy. It may be something you initially dismiss because it’s entirely different than what you imagined for yourself. I can help you face that new goal with enthusiasm.

As your career satisfaction coach, I help you discover the questions you need to answer, and help you find those answers. Your journey is unique to you and you alone, it is my role to help you uncover your true path.

Do you respond to questions about what do you really want to do as “I don’t know” and you mean it? This could mean you don’t believe you can change to what you really want or you are so frustrated because you truly don’t have an answer. My focus and experience is in this area. You will connect with who you are and where you will be valued.

Ways To Work With Me

One-on-One Coaching

Individualized career satisfaction coaching enables us to have engagements a few times a month.

Facilitated Groups

Group coaching brings several individuals together for two or more hours to discuss a common topic.

Speaking Engagements

I can help groups, departments, associations, and more in working together for a common objective.

Let me help you find your path to a satisfying career.

Contact me today.

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