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One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching enables me to help you discover what energizes you. I will work with you to identify the skills that you’ll need to hone, or gain, so you will be satisfied in your next role. Everything in our sessions remains between us.

What does One-on-One Coaching include?

Depending on where you are in your journey, individualized career satisfaction coaching enables you to have:
  • Hour-long engagements with me
  • Two or more times a month
  • For two or more months

Is a One-on-One Coach Approach Right for You?

You are the only person with full knowledge of ‘you’– so my role is to help you be present in what you see for your future and the decisions you are making.

I can help you shift from:

  • Being bored, withering, or suffocating
  • Getting burnt out, ignored, or side lined
  • Unable to sleep due to company changes or a layoff


  • Your passion is reignited!
  • You are energized and excited to work!
  • You future looks so bright you have to wear shades!

I can help you shift from:

  • Feeling that nothing gets done without you doing it
  • Feeling no one else can do your job
  • Going unseen or not allowed to contribute


  • You do what feeds you!
  • You have new opportunities!
  • You are a strong contributor.

I can help you shift from:

  • Being unable to determine what business to start
  • Being unable to kickstart your plans
  • Feeling as though nothing in your life is working right


  • You have great ideas and many options to choose from!
  • You are able to make progress every day!
  • If you encounter a detour, you keep moving forward anyway!

Results you will achieve

When you find the right path after our work together, you will:

Wake up wanting to go to work

Enjoy the environment that you're in

Feel fully utilized and engaged

Feel satisfied with the path you are on

Be valued in your workplace

Let me help you find your path to a satisfying career.

Contact me today.

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