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Sustained Happiness Series - Pleasure, Effort, and Purpose: Purpose

September 16, 2021
Being happy in the moment and sustained happiness are related yet uniquely different. One is an experience and the other is a way of living.

This is the third of three articles regarding living a life in which happiness is your constant companion instead of an occasional visitor.

Knowing what gives us Pleasure and enjoying the Effort required to do the work are two necessary elements to building a life we love. The third element is Purpose, as presented by Psychologist Martin Seligman.

Happiness Triad Venn Diagram

Where do you look, then, to find your answer if you are out of practice prioritizing yourself over others?

If this is a difficult question for you, consider starting with the ‘special sauce’ you bring to your company or meetings at work. What kicks in when there is an objective to be completed or there is conflict in the room? How might you save the day or hold things together? What is it you do naturally and are drawn to do? Note, you probably do this in settings outside of work, also.

Connecting with your Purpose can be a way of reminding yourself what is unique and special about you – your ‘special sauce.’

Understanding and connecting to your purpose can help you focus or expand your efforts at work. You will experience an exhilaration, like the vibrations that travel through you as you listen to live music. It will be felt in your bones. This is what is available and is also sustainable.

Putting together the right combination of Pleasure, Effort, and Purpose starts you on a path that will reliably construct a life you can love and sustain. As with any recipe, the chef plays with the ingredients to maximize the flavors and the experience. This is how you go beyond having moments of enjoyment to a life of sustained happiness.

What you have done for the past 10-20 years doesn’t have to be what you do going forward. Teaching yourself how to notice what activities you enjoy and learning to include them in your decisions is part of what is needed to have a life of sustained happiness.

I can help you get started on the path to career happiness. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation.