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Make it Count

May 15, 2020

Its 11:30 May 5th at the commons of Amherst, NH. I am laying out a mover’s packing blanket, then putting an oriental rug on that. I had two folding chairs placed at opposite ends of the rug. To the side of the rug I have a four-foot portable table with two small vases holding newly purchased yellow daisies, a small tray with an apricot scone, a gluten free banana chocolate chip muffin and a tub of humus with rice crackers. There is a camp stove to boil water for tea and a storage box with extra blankets should we feel cold. I am set for my first date in the social distancing era.

We could have met and just walked, or found a patch of grass to sit, or another configuration for talking. This would have worked. It felt so much better to create the moment. Doing this broke the monotony I was feeling and made this memorable for both of us. The other impact to taking this step is upping the bar of expectations going forward. What will we do next?

This gave me a clear example of the distinction between the minimum versus doing something to make it count. This was the equivalent of a blind date. We met online in a dating website and had a video conversation but little else. I did not know if we would be together beyond this date, so my motivation was not based upon knowing I wanted to win her over for forever. It was how do I make this moment memorable and count for us now.

How can this apply to you? Are you feeling bored? Frustrated, exhausted, in a rut? Break up the routine. Creating a moment is possible for most anything in our life and not limited to a special date. We can turn anything into something memorable by doing more or the unexpected. You could pick a lunch this week for your kids that you make special by moving it from the kitchen table to the backyard or living room floor. What can you add that would be different? Have everyone dress in a specific color? Make it creative, crazy, romantic, funny, or relaxing. Make it different. Make it count. If you do this, there is no way you will be feeling bored or in a rut. Give it a try.